Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Descendants of Darkness
Marianne LaCroix
Available from Ellora's Cave
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Johann is convinced he was to remain alone for eternity. When an oracle reveals his destined life-mate, Johann is hesitant. A dream encounter with her tempestuous body—and her luscious mouth—changes his mind.

Kira doesn’t take too kindly to Johann appearing and claiming her as his life-mate. However, her body has a will of its own and succumbs to his masterful touch—discovering passion can spark love. And when Lucius, Johann’s brother, appears, Kira is then seduced into a fantasy come true—a ménage with two powerful and sexy vampires.

"4 1/2 Stars...I loved Ms. Lacroix sexy vampire story. She made me want to read more...I must confess: I had not read the first one but I will, there is no question! Eternal Embrace is well written and Marianne Lacroix's story is balanced between emotion, passion and strong characters. I am definitively hooked on her and I will follow her career."~eCataromance


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