Friday, August 04, 2006

New contract: SCORPION KING

SCORPION KING, the November release of the Ellora's Cave Planteary Passions series has been contracted!

Queen Naiya Pisces rules the oceanic city of Pacifica, but when the foundation begins to shake, Naiya must turn to unexpected allies for help—the Landwalkers.

Captain Drake “Scorpio” Scopillo leads a geological study of the ocean floor, investigating the possibility of an earthquake that could devastate Naiya’s city. Determined and commanding, Drake is normally all business—but one look at the beautiful queen and he’s thrust into an internal struggle to resist her powerful allure.

Naiya recognizes Drake as the man foretold by legend—the Scorpion King, the one man born to command her body and soul and rule at her side. But Drake is strong in his resistance, and seduction is her only hope. She prays her feminine charms, coupled with nights of heated sex, will melt his icy heart.

For only with the Scorpion King by her side will her people find the hope and strength to survive what the future holds.

Mari LaCroix


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