Saturday, February 17, 2007

Just released today...MDG #3: The Scent of Rain at Cobblestone Press!

Midnight Dream Girls Series

The saga continues in this erotic vampire romance series by Savannah Madanalle with...

MDG #3: The Scent of Rain

Now Available at !

Between financially supporting a family of money hungry vampires and protecting the sole remaining human in her family, Charlotte Reynolds has no time for romance. But when problems in the worldwide vampire community require her help, she learns that the freedom she’s yearned for sometimes comes at too high a price.

Can she teach her family to stand on their own? Or will her family’s antics destroy her one chance at a love that can last for an eternity? Can she protect her last remaining human sister without sacrificing her own heart’s desires? Or will she lose everyone she loves?

Book Trailer for MDG #3: The Scent of Rain

Read an excerpt from this book's first chapter at!

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“Coyote Ugly meets vampire and what a combination," says Brigit Aine of Just Erotic Romance Reviews. "This book is funny and sexy from start to finish. The characters are easy to like, the pace is fast and the sex is great. It was also nice to read a book where blood is not a necessity in exchange for a nightly dose of hot sexual energy exchanging. The sexual need between Brianna and Steven is almost visible, even to the reader, and they burn together."


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