Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday morning...sigh

30 Days!! 30 days until RT! I can’t wait. I am getting so excited!

I am working on the final chapter of The Gladiator and will have that all turned in to NCP this week. Yay! I wanted to get that off my desk ASAP. I don’t like unfinished projects that are contracted just hanging around. The rest of the week I will be finishing up Lord Sancho. That is scheduled to come out April 15th and I will be signing CDs of it at RT along with the paperback, Dreams of the Oasis III.

Lots of gossip is flying around these days, luckily little to do with me directly. My friend Wendi (formerly of MGP) is starting her own publishing company and I signed on as webmistress. I’m thankful, I needed the extra money while I wait for my next EC title to come out. Anyway, the company is called Red Rose Publishing and, if I may say so, the site is classy. You can check it out at

Speaking of MGP, my books are down from there and no longer available. It is a real shame, but that is life. Needless to say, I will not be taking copies of Fairy Dust & Magic Kisses to RT. I have it with a pub right now for consideration. As for Christmas Magic, I will retire the story and give it away as a freebie on my site around the Christmas holiday. That is a shame as I think it is an awesome story…but it had enough homes already.

So what’s next after I finish Lord Sancho this week? I have to finish edits on Sea Hawk’s Mistress. I need to add a bit to it so it can make the “category novel” length. I am like 100 words shy. I had quite a few typos in it too that I need to comb through. Very frustrating. I could have swore I caught them already, but I didn’t. I blame it on a bad keyboard. I have since got a replacement keyboard that doesn’t skip letters even if I press the key. Anyway, I think I can handle edits next week. The kids have spring break and will be home. Oh joy.

After I finish up Sea Hawk’s Mistress, I am going to be participating in a BIAW. I had recently gone to April Kilhstrom’s BIAW seminar and I wanted to try her methods. She cranks out 20+ pages a day for the week. Wow! I never done that before. (I don’t think I will really.) Anyway I am going to try and get a rough draft of Black Heart’s Bride done (or a nice big chunk of it done) in a week. Black Heart’s Bride is a sequel to Sea Hawk’s Mistress. Unlike the first book, this one will be a straight up historical set in 1622 and will feature Captain Lorenzo Mendoza as the hero. I fell in love with his character in the previous book and knew he HAD to get his own story. Maybe it is because, in my head, he looks like a young Antonio Banderas…Growl!

My EC editor wants me to write another “Beast” book. She just LOVED Bridesmaid and the Beast, and asked for Sophia’s friend, Cameron, to get her own story. In Bridesmaid and the Beast, Cameron gets involved with Greg’s brother, Mark, who happens to also be a shifter. I hope to get to this novella sometime in the next few months for a December release. Right now I am anxiously awaiting to see the Naughty Nuptial covers! I hear there are several versions.

That’s it for now. I am off to finish the last 1000 words of The Gladiator!


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