Monday, April 16, 2007

Next Floor Naughty by Ann Cory

Four floors of erotic pleasure...

Next Floor Naughty, my BDSM novella from Ellora's Cave will be available April 18th!

Davian Martineik loves sex and craves cock. While her fiancé turns her on and knows how wild she likes it, lately he has fizzled at the end by ignoring her needs. An invitation to a BDSM party at the Bentley Mansion sounds like the perfect way to decide if Liam Montage is husband material and will be the lover she desires. At thirty-years-old, Davian worries that she’ll have to give up the one thing she wants most – a mind-blowing orgasm that sends her through the roof.

Liam finds an invitation to a BDSM party addressed to Davian and wonders why it was hidden. Suddenly he questions his masculinity and performance in bed. Since when did she sneak off to have sex with other men, and how long has it been going on? He’d been under the impression their sex life was something other people only dreamed about. Liam decides to follow her and comes up with a plan. He will show her what she’ll be giving up by going with another man.

Davian arrives at the Bentley Mansion unsure of what to expect. The atmosphere is charged with lurid sex and it reminds her of some twisted adult version of Alice in Wonderland. People are dressed in eccentric costumes, serving strange colored drinks, and the maze-like rooms make her dizzy. She is shown into a hallway by a man in a dark robe and told to ride the “domwaiter” down through the mansion, an old dumbwaiter with a kinky flair.

Liam isn’t about to let another man touch the woman he plans to marry. He makes a deal with the owner of the house and with his identity a secret, meets Davian at every floor. His mission is to make all of her fantasies a reality and prove he is the only man she’ll ever need.

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~Ann Cory
Aphrodisiacs for the Mind


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