Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Perfect 5 heart review for The Stud Farm by Skylar Sinclair

5 out of 5
Another perfect rating!

At eighteen, Dale King sought out his dream of becoming a stripper for the elite Stud Farm. During an interview, he is brutally used by the owner. Filled with shame by the way his body was used against him and tossed aside like used meat, his feelings are destroyed. Eight years later he returns, a walking dream that fires everyone's blood. Preston Hayman will rue the day he ever met him, as Dale seeks the ultimate sexual revenge.

This highly erotic tale leaves you understanding the need for revenge and satisfied it was gotten. Emotionally riveting, it captures you in the web through out the story. Skylar Sinclair once again shows us why her books are so captivating. Another excellent work !

Reviewed by Tehya
Rites of Romance Reviews


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