Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have a new book in print from loveyoudivine that is available on Amazon.com.


The book includes 4 stories: Brazen & Burning (interracial), My Enemy, My Lover, (historical), Ulysses and the Lotus Eaters (mythology), and Her Masked Lover (contemporary).



Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hot Kisses in the Afternoon on Thursday!

In celebration of the release STOLEN BY THE SHEIKH at Red Rose Publishing, I am hosting a “Hot Kisses in the Afternoon” email chat on Thursday (8/23) on the RRP listserv. Join here. The afternoon will run through lunch, 11a to 2p. Join me as I post Hot Kissing excerpts from STOLEN BY THE SHEIKH and other author books coming or available at RRP.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Gladiators, Pirates & Sheikhs

Got some great reviews back for THE GLADIATOR and SEA HAWK’S MISTRESS! Whoohooo!


4 Blue Ribbons, Romance Junkies - LaCroix’s storyline is fun and enchanting! Her description of Jason’s reaction to a beautifully groomed woman of the 20th century is humorous as well as arousing. LaCroix’s time travel stories always fulfill the daydreams I have, asking the question…’what would it be like if?’ Whether it’s a woman claiming a gladiator in ancient Rome or a woman captured by a sexy pirate, LaCroix always most satisfyingly provides the answer!”


4.5 Blue Ribbons, Romance Junkies - “Set in ancient Rome, LaCroix’s tale of love, death and intrigue is very entertaining! Julia struggles with adapting to the harsh reality that is Rome while fighting her growing affection for Marcus. Her struggle is matched only by the overwhelming passion she feels for the beautiful Gladiator. LaCroix’s erotic love scenes leave nothing to the imagination—as it should be! She certainly had me waving a fan to keep my cool! Anyone who ever imagined what it would be like to live in ancient Rome—or anyone who drools over Gladiator movies—would be very well off taking time with this quick, enjoyable read.”

Oh yeah, guess I should mention I am contracted for a time travel sheikh short story at Red Rose Publishing. It's called Stolen by the Sheikh.

Friday, August 03, 2007

JERR gives Rearing Heat the Silver Star Award

Skylar Sinclair has crafted a passionate romance story filled with sizzling hot and creative sex. The paranormal theme with shape shifters is well thought out. The plot by switching between humans and horses kept me fascinated and wanting to learn more about the lives of such creatures. Ms. Sinclair presented strong romantic feelings between the two main characters Dex and Shayla in both human and horse forms. She had me hanging on to make sure they found happiness. Dex is the man every woman wants. He is also the stud every mare wants. Shayla is the woman who struggles to find the man of her dreams. Shayla as a mare learns about what it means to have a family and what her mate must be. As I watched the characters shifting between human form and that of horses I was intrigued by how a strong take charge male in either form is so appealing to a female. The sex scenes in both forms were sizzling hot and had me wanting to be Shayla I could feel the strong romantic bond between Dex and Shayla grow as the story unfold. The hot sex scenes presented the strong needs both characters experienced in a very real and gripping way. Ms. Sinclair’s wonderful writing style had me captured from the beginning and I had to read this short book in one sitting. I urge every woman that enjoys a good creative paranormal erotic romance with intriguing erotic sex scenes to read this book.

Wendy Cable
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Ann Cory's August Magical Seduction Contest

To celebrate the grand opening of my new website, blog, and newsletter design on August 10th, I'll be giving away a fabulous Magical Seduction gift package!

To be entered, sign up for my newsletter http://www.anncory.com/contest.htm. To double your chances of winning, send an email with Magical in the subject line to anncory_erotica @ yahoo.com(minus spaces). The contest ends August 31st. Winner will be announced in my September Newsletter.

The Magical Seduction gift package includes:
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Good luck!

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