Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chatting tonight with Kelley Armstrong, Keri Arthur and...

The Author Connection set to host its first chat!
Join featured authors, Kelley Armstrong, D.N. Simmons,
Keri Arthur, Skylar Sinclair and Dana Littlejohn in a fun,
lively roundtable chat.

The Topic: Sex and sensuality in supernatural literature
and its mainstream influence in the paranormal genre.

The Place and Time: Join the forum to gain access to the
Chat held on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2007
At 7pm U.S. Central Time

Link to join the forum and chat:

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Marianne LaCroix: New Contracts

I am pleased to announce a few new contracts:

Bridesmaid and the Beast - Ellora's Cave
This humorous werewolf tale is slated to come out in June with the Naughty Nuptial Quickies.

Sea Hawk's Mistress - Ellora's Cave
This is a pirate time travel adventure with lots of steam. Captain Jason Flint is a pirate you can dream of again and again.

The Gladiator - New Concepts Publishing
Another time travel, but this time to ancient Rome and the Gladitorial arena.

Fated Passion - New Concepts Publishing
A contemporary erotic romance of lovers reunited. This is a reissue.

For more about my books, visit

Marianne LaCroix
Dreams of the Oasis III - 2006 CAPA Winner

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am coming out in print!

I, and three other authors, will be coming out in print later 2007. The book is titled, Mystic Places Anthology Vol. 1. My story, Legend of Pleasure will be a paranormal erotic romance. Look for the more information at Tease Publishing in the coming months!

Skylar Sinclair

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Just released today...MDG #3: The Scent of Rain at Cobblestone Press!

Midnight Dream Girls Series

The saga continues in this erotic vampire romance series by Savannah Madanalle with...

MDG #3: The Scent of Rain

Now Available at !

Between financially supporting a family of money hungry vampires and protecting the sole remaining human in her family, Charlotte Reynolds has no time for romance. But when problems in the worldwide vampire community require her help, she learns that the freedom she’s yearned for sometimes comes at too high a price.

Can she teach her family to stand on their own? Or will her family’s antics destroy her one chance at a love that can last for an eternity? Can she protect her last remaining human sister without sacrificing her own heart’s desires? Or will she lose everyone she loves?

Book Trailer for MDG #3: The Scent of Rain

Read an excerpt from this book's first chapter at!

Want a chance to win a copy of this or the other two ebooks in the MDG Series? Join the MDG Society group at, and you'll be automatically entered for the monthly ebook giveaway drawn at the end of each month! You'll also have instant access to tons of free goodies including printable bookmarks, desktop screensavers, and sampler ebooks containing the entire first chapter of each MDG Series released novel! Can't wait until the end of the month for the free ebook giveaway? You can also purchase all three books in the MDG Series in LIT, HTML, PDF, and Mobipocket formats at

“Coyote Ugly meets vampire and what a combination," says Brigit Aine of Just Erotic Romance Reviews. "This book is funny and sexy from start to finish. The characters are easy to like, the pace is fast and the sex is great. It was also nice to read a book where blood is not a necessity in exchange for a nightly dose of hot sexual energy exchanging. The sexual need between Brianna and Steven is almost visible, even to the reader, and they burn together."

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bestseller 2nd month in a row CHRISTMAS INK by Skylar Sinclair

My award-winning book, Christmas Ink is a bestseller for a second month in a row.

"Hip, hot and filled with holiday cheer! You'll never think of Christmas the same way again!"

Christmas Ink by Skylar Sinclair
Mardi Gras Publishing and Fictionwise
ISBN: 0-9791570-9-9
Price: $3.99
Genre: Fantasy Erotic Romance

This is one erotic fantasy tale that will light you up like a Christmas tree and make you believe in the magic of the holiday season all over again!

Chris Kringle is once again, after his son, Christopher, to take over the family business…that of being Santa Claus. But Christopher cannot do that without a missus by his side; only Christopher has other plans for his life. His life is being a doctor and he loves his life just the way it is. He wants to help people by healing them, not pushing presents.

Christopher has his whole life planned out and things are going smoothly until a sexy woman involved in a motorcycle accident is brought in late one night and turns his merry little world up side down, faster than you can say, "jingle bells".

During the holidays, these two will find out the true meaning of giving, sharing and the magic of Christmas in the most unusual of ways.

RATING: Explicit, Adult language
To Read an Excerpt
To Buy

Monday, February 05, 2007

Mari LaCroix Updates

New Paperback

FAIRY DUST & MAGIC KISSES is available in paperback!
Order at B&N
Order through MGP


New Contracts

BRIDESMAID AND THE BEAST was just contracted by Ellora’s Cave for the Naughty Nuptials themed Quickies in June 2007.

SEA HAWK'S MISTRESS was contracted by Ellora's Cave for a 2007 release.

THE GLADIATOR and MY ENEMY, MY LOVER were contracted by loveyoudivine for 2007 releases.

SOME LIKE IT HOT was contracted by Mardi Gras Publishing for a 2007 release. This is a reissue.

Marianne LaCroix

SCORPION KING, Ellora's Cave ~ 5 Stars, JERR
DREAMS OF THE OASIS III, Ellora's Cave ~ 2006 CAPA Nominee
SEA HAWK'S MISTRESS, Ellora's Cave (Coming soon)
MY ENEMY, MY LOVER, loveyoudivine (Coming soon)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Won a slot for Phaze's FURY HEATSHEETS!

I have had this story, The Stud Farm, contracted since mid December, but had to wait until it was official to say anything.

The Stud Farm is my first contemporary that is also a M/M erotic tale about revenge. Which we all know is my forte ;)

Hell hath no fury like a young man taken advantage of by an older man that knew all the right buttons to push and how to set his skin on fire with his hands, mouth and tongue, only to devastate him after using his body shamelessly, brutally. Then patting him on the ass afterwards, treating him as if he were no better than a piece of used meat--unfeeling and uncaring of the young man’s feelings.

Dale King was that young man, but no longer is he an inexperienced gay boy, but a big droolicious-tongue hanging out-cock teasing hunk. With a full mane of tawny hair down to his fine ass and muscles from head to toes, at over six foot four, he could stop traffic in the middle of rush hour. There was not a man (straight or gay) or woman alive that would not snap a joint to double take when he crossed their paths. Dale is a cross between the Terminator gone Fabio on a grand scale.

He is going back to the place and to the man that had ripped his heart out of his chest that day eight years ago. Dale King was going to become the ultimate male stripper at The Stud Farm and make Preston Hayman, its owner, wish he never laid his eyes, much less his hands on him, when he gets through with his brand of sexual revenge!

Skylar Sinclair
Award-winning and bestselling author