Monday, August 07, 2006

Demon Dazzler Series Book #1: Kaitlyn's Dance

My first erotic romance novella is coming out on August 25th!

The Demon Dazzler Series Book #1: Kaitlyn's Dance kicks off my contemporary vampire novella series about the evolution of a college dance team from a relatively sweet dance team to a dark, immortally gifted group of performers. And it all starts with one innocent little romance...

In this first novella for the Demon Dazzler Series, Kaitlyn Porter is a third-year member of her college's elite dance team, the Demon Dazzlers. She's on the fast track to hopefully become the next Demon Dazzler team captain. But first she has to survive meeting Soren, a sexy business investor who has helped make her father's many businesses successful. Unlike most of the men who work for her father, though, this one's got a certain dark charm that's truly spellbinding.

What starts as an innocent tease to pass the time at the dinner table becomes a roaring bonfire that threatens to change both Kaitlyn's life AND the lives of every member of the Demon Dazzlers. What dark secrets does Soren keep, and does Kaitlyn really want them to be revealed to her? Will Kaitlyn be able to hold on to her heart amidst their unrelenting passion? Or will she and the Dazzlers spiral down into a dark world filled with an eternity of carnal needs?

Be sure to pick up your copy of The Demon Dazzler Series Book #1: Kaitlyn's Dance on August 25th at! And don't forget to check here or at my site at for more news about upcoming contests with great reader prizes, author chats and interviews, reviews, and more!


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