Friday, August 25, 2006

Review: Dreams of the Oasis III: Werewolf in L.A.

ISBN: 1-4199-0523-6
Ellora's Cave
Werewolf in L.A. by Marianne LaCroix
Coming September 2006
Ebook & trade paperback

“It is 1941 and Estelle Lane is a B-movie actress in Hollywood. Her latest project is to act in a werewolf movie where she meets Jack Butler, the new stuntman for the studio. Immediately drawn to him, she can’t understand her instant attraction. After watching Estelle for two years, Jack has finally been given a chance to meet her in person. But he is afraid of his passion for her. His wolf is clawing to get out and dominate her, but will Estelle accept that he isn’t only a wolfman in the movies?

I simply loved the premise in Werewolf in L.A.!! As a long-time fan of the classic era Hollywood monster movies I found so much enjoyment in the fact that Jack, a werewolf in real life, would play a werewolf in a movie. Estelle is a perfect match for him, and I enjoyed every minute of their story.

…Ellora’s Cave has always managed to pull together incredible anthologies with stories that are different enough to appeal to every type of reader. Ranging from historical to futuristic, the tales with Dreams of the Oasis 3 all have a common thread of dominant sexy men and strong women who match them in every way.”



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