Thursday, September 14, 2006

Countdown - Two days before all HELL breaks loose!

Coming September 16, 2006 from Mardi Gras Publishing Sex Slave by Skylar Sinclair
VooDoo Moon Line - ScaremareBlurb:

Talya Nix finds an unusual anklet in her grandmother's trunk that was found in storage after her grandmother’s death.This anklet, this sex slave anklet, once put on will never come off.

It will transport Talya to a hedonistic realm were she will be owned and used for her Master's pleasure. A slave to every sexual depravity known to man, a carnal toy at the mercy of her Master's whims…Her body and mind will be pushed to endure and survive. She will have to learn to depend on her Master for pain, pleasure and her very life…

This is not a romantic story, but a story of a soul being desecrated, only to be reformed into the perfect sex slave. You have been warned!

Does scary sex excite you? If you answered yes, then welcome to the hedonistic world of Skylar Sinclair!

Skylar Sinclair.


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