Saturday, August 26, 2006

Available Now...Demon Dazzler Series #1

Available now at Forbidden Publications...Demon Dazzler Series, Book #1: Kaitlyn's Dance!

Kaitlyn's Dance shows the beginning of the dark evolution in a college dance team called the Demon Dazzlers. As a member of the Dazzlers, Kaitlyn yearns to have what the other girls have...a love of her own. But when she gets that wish, will she get more than she, or her fellow Demon Dazzlers, ever bargained for?

Don't miss the start of it all in Demon Dazzler Series, Book #1: Kaitlyn's Dance...available now! Click here for a sample read or to order your copy of Kaitlyn's Dance today!

Savannah Madanelle
Putting the Spotlight on Erotic Romance!


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